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Hello everyone!

I am writing this blog at the moment in Sydney! Yes you are reading that right.. My Bali adventures has come to an end. Last time I left you off I was telling about that everyone was leaving to go home in Holland. Because I am February intake, I do not have to attend school any more. Therefore, I planned a vacation after my Grand Tour together with my mother.

Because I was the only one staying, I was the lucky one(not...) to say everyone goodbye. My hardest goodbye was the good bye with my room mate. We spent 5 months 24/7 together. Not only this but we also planned our Grand Tour before we actually left and she was a great support during the time when my grandma passed away. I could not asked for a better friend to spend these 5 months with!

I booked a nice resort in Nusa Dua for me and my mother. Unfortunately, it was raining our whole stay. This is the first time in the rain season for me, that I experienced so many rain. Normally it is over within one or two hours, but this was just 4 days straight. After Nusa Dua we went to the east coast of Bali, Candi Dasa. The nature is very beautiful here and way more quiet in comparison to the west coast of Bali. Unfortunately here as well, only rain. The next day it started dry and we planned to do a tour to Ubud, the waterfall, rice fields and some water temple. Majority of the day it was raining, but at least I could show my mother a bit around of what Bali has to offer. The next couple of days, the sun was present and we really took advantage of this. Together with our neighbours we drove with the scooter through the mountains to White Sandy Beach. The next day my mother and I went scuba diving. I was really excited because it has been 4 years since I went scuba diving and also the first time I went scuba diving outside of Bonaire. About the under water world I can say it is quite dirty. A lot of plastic and not so many colours in the coral. Our second dive was more beautiful. I had a little bit of difficulties equalizing my ears, but after a while it went okay. At the end of our dive we got attacked by a big trigger fish. Apparently we were invading his territory . I got kinda scared, because it did not want to go away and he kept biting in the fins of the other people. I was ready to go H.A.M on that fish if it came near to me, but luckily, the fish only went for the male divers. Because of the attack of the trigger fish, we went up way too quick and the rest of the day, my ear was kinda hurting.
Our initial plan was to go to Gili Air. But the day before we wanted to leave, we got the news that there are no boats going. Therefore we came with a plan B... to Seminyak. This is the area where I spend most of my time outside of school and the hotel. And I would like to show my mother where I spend all my time. We spend three days at Alila and spend some time shopping in the morning and in the afternoon. During these days we met up with an old friend of my mother and we also went out for diner with Iwan and Shirley. These lovely people picked me up from the airport when I came back from Holland and they also picked up my mother and brought us to Nusa Dua. To show her our appreciation we took them out for diner. We went to a delicious Indonesian restaurant. For anyone who is going to Bali and wants to eat nice Indonesian food... go to Pondok Tempo Doeloe on Sunset Road in Kuta. Very very recommendable. The next day Shirley made some traditional Indonesian food herself. After all this time to go out for diner to have food, it was so nice to sit in a living room and have food from the dining table.

For our last day at Bali I booked a luxurious 5 star resort in Jimbaran. Luckily this time we had great weather and could enjoy all these luxurious things to the full max! I was I discovered Jimbaran Bay way earlier. On sunday night we left the hotel and Bali. Finally my trip to Sydney was going to start. I spend full three months on Bali and I have to say I am happy to leave again. I had the best time, but I think Bali is not doing good at the moment with all the busy traffic jams including the scooters. Of course there are some nice places and beaches and the people were absolutely sweet. However, I am looking forward to walk in a structured infrastructure and walk on the streets without constantly looking if I still have all my things because I may get robbed.

On to my trip to Sydney. On sunday night 22:30 our plane took off. I barely slept. Bali and Sydney has a time difference of 3 hours. After 6 hours of flying we arrived 07:30 in the morning. After arriving we went for a cup of coffee and see where we could get the taxi's. It was a little bit colder in Sydney and after 5 months living in a humid climate, the temperature difference is noticed immediately. But jeeeez, what an absolute wonderful city. I still cannot believe I am in Sydney all the way in Australia! This was my thought the whole day when we were walking around. I will add some pictures of the first day in Sydney and the last days in Bali.

Now it feels for me that my Grand Tour experience is really over. It felt already weird to be on Bali alone, without all the other students. But now that I actually left, it feels more definite. 11 more days and I will be back in Holland after 6 months. I would not want to miss this whole experience for the world and all the crazy, beautiful and absurd things I have seen and experienced. A big thanks to the whole crazy bunch who made this Grand Tour and a thanks for the people that visited me!

One more blog at the end of my trip!

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