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Vacation time!!

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Hello everyone!

It has been quite some time now but that was because we went on a vacation for around 9 days. I did not bring my laptop with me so I could not write anything down. After being in Thailand for longer than a month, we were really happy with going a holiday!

We left on Saturday the 7th of October, as I already mentioned in my previous blog, to Surat Thani, to get to the national park Khao Sok. The majority of the group already left on Friday right after school. This was not really wise for us, because we still had 3 hours travelling from the airport to the park. So therefore, we decided to go on Saturday morning. After a early flight in the morning, we arrived in Surat Thani and from there we took a bus and mini van towards the park. We booked a very nice accommodation at a very nice Thai family. The man was a guide himself as well and now decided to start for his own. We were really happy to be in a very quiet environment instead of crazy Bangkok. Of course we were a little bit scared because there was almost no light and you could all kinds of animals around our little bungalow.

The day after we were picked up to go the lake and start our jungle tour. Nice thing about this was that we would get to meet new people. Merle and I decided to go with the two of us on vacation instead of going with the big group. On our tour there was a South African couple, a Dutch couple, a German couple, two Belgian friends and an American mother and daughter. Pretty international again, I like it. We started with a lake tour ending up to going to our cottages on the lake where we could have a refreshing swim. After that we went for an hike through the jungle, going into the water and climbing towards waterfalls. I felt like a real rambo. After this we went back to our cottages to have diner and hang out a bit. Due to the rain, the guide proposed that we went for another lake tour, because at night we would see so much. After that we had a lovely Thai diner, and we stayed for some drinks and exchange all our stories with each other. For Merle and me it is always a bit different, because we are no backpackers travelling around but just simple students and everyone that we meet is jealous of us of the great opportunity that we have!

We called it a night, and I have to say, it was quite an experience sleeping on the lake, it was so peaceful and beautiful. Although I was very scared of course, because we heard so many animal around us. The next morning we heard that our neighbours, had a snake the whole night in their cottage. I immediately went the other direction, I am not the curious type for snakes so I went gone as fast as possible. I always thought it was just a little water snake or something. Later I saw the picture, and this was a big huge ass snake!!! Like a boa constrictor or something. I am so happy the snake did not pick our cottage, because I would not know what I would have done. After breakfast, it was time to pack our stuff and go on another lake tour. We spotted some monkeys in the tree, but due to the rain season, there was not that much to see and it was still raining. After the tour we went on another hike which was really awesome. Again I felt like a true rambo. We went up for like 2 km to go into a cave after that. Of course I was scared again, because on the internet I heard a lot of stories about snakes and spiders in the caves. Within 5 minutes I saw a snake and two spiders which were bigger than my two hands together. I swear I was ready to cry and go back home! Luckily due to the rest of the group I grew myself a pair of balls and continued further. After all I have to say that this jungle tour was really awesome to do. Another experience I will not forget, BUT....never again. I prefer my nice bed, airco and a proper shower.

After the tour we went back to the Blue Mountain accommodation, where the owner arranged a mini van for us to Krabi. Our next destination. We planned that we want one complete beach day in between all that travelling, otherwise you are more travelling than actually staying at one place and enjoying. We arrived in Ao Nang around 8 ish. Finally a very nice shower and a good hotel, we went out for some food and walked around a bit. The day after we went with the little long tail boat to Railay Beach. Here we did completely nothing, but walk from our beach towel to the ocean and back. Lovely!!! The day after we continued our journey to Koh Phi Phi where the other Grand Tour students were as well. After a trip of 3 hours in total we arrived on the Island. The vibe immediately was so good and so relaxed. We quickly went to our hotel and met up with the other students. That night we went out on the beach with all of us. It was so nice being on an Island again and partying on the beach on our bare foots and of course with our favourite buckets.

The next day we went on a boat trip to Maya Bay. The famous beach of the movie 'The Beach' with Leonardo Dicaprio. This beach is known for the many many tourist who try to get the perfect pictures. Luckily for us it was low season and we went at the end of the day. Therefore, when we left, we were the only ones still on the beach. Even though three years exactly I was here on the Island as well, the view is still breath taking. After this we went for night snorkelling with the lightening plankton. This was very cool to do, even though I am always scared to swim in the dark. When we returned to the Island we received the news that the Thai King has passed away. This is an enormous loss for the Thai people. The King was their hero, father. He was like a God to them. Immediately we noticed that the Island was very quiet and that a lot would change for our time being here in Thailand. There is a mourning of 30 days. This means there will be no entertainment, no music and clubs will close earlier. Also does it mean that we have to wear black or white clothing to pay respect to the Thai culture and people. That night there was no music and a lot of shops were closed, excluding the massage salons and tattoo shops.

Due the quiet atmosphere, this also contributed in the relaxed stay that we got on Koh Phi Phi. It is known for being a party Island, and now there were no parties at all. The next couple of days, some people left from the group. We did another boat trip, stayed at the beach the whole day and at night we went to the Banana bar, to watch movies and relax with very soft music. On monday it was time again to head back to Bangkok. I left that morning with a heavy feeling because I had such an amazing time over there. The only outfit that you wear was a bikini and you had no daily planning at all. 100% Island life = happy Britt.

On tuesday we had school again and luckily for us we started with yoga class. Further in the week we also had a birthday and we celebrated this with the whole group having a barbecue. Everyone brought their own food and drinks and we really had a lovely time. For this weekend there is nothing really planned besides catching up with school work.

We only have like three weekends to go here in Bangkok and it is crazy how fast the time is going! Next week we are going to arrange our Visa for Indonesia and getting ready for a whole other adventure! I also booked my ticket to Sydney at the end of my trip in February. This is absolutely a dream coming true. I would have never in my life expect that I would ever go to Sydney and now it is actually happening. Together with my lovely mother who is coming at the end of January.

For now this is it. Keep you posted next week!

Greetings from sunny and warm Bangkok!

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