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The end of an adventure and the begin of an new adventure!

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Hello everyone!

I am writing this blog at the moment in Sydney! Yes you are reading that right.. My Bali adventures has come to an end. Last time I left you off I was telling about that everyone was leaving to go home in Holland. Because I am February intake, I do not have to attend school any more. Therefore, I planned a vacation after my Grand Tour together with my mother.

Because I was the only one staying, I was the lucky one(not...) to say everyone goodbye. My hardest goodbye was the good bye with my room mate. We spent 5 months 24/7 together. Not only this but we also planned our Grand Tour before we actually left and she was a great support during the time when my grandma passed away. I could not asked for a better friend to spend these 5 months with!

I booked a nice resort in Nusa Dua for me and my mother. Unfortunately, it was raining our whole stay. This is the first time in the rain season for me, that I experienced so many rain. Normally it is over within one or two hours, but this was just 4 days straight. After Nusa Dua we went to the east coast of Bali, Candi Dasa. The nature is very beautiful here and way more quiet in comparison to the west coast of Bali. Unfortunately here as well, only rain. The next day it started dry and we planned to do a tour to Ubud, the waterfall, rice fields and some water temple. Majority of the day it was raining, but at least I could show my mother a bit around of what Bali has to offer. The next couple of days, the sun was present and we really took advantage of this. Together with our neighbours we drove with the scooter through the mountains to White Sandy Beach. The next day my mother and I went scuba diving. I was really excited because it has been 4 years since I went scuba diving and also the first time I went scuba diving outside of Bonaire. About the under water world I can say it is quite dirty. A lot of plastic and not so many colours in the coral. Our second dive was more beautiful. I had a little bit of difficulties equalizing my ears, but after a while it went okay. At the end of our dive we got attacked by a big trigger fish. Apparently we were invading his territory . I got kinda scared, because it did not want to go away and he kept biting in the fins of the other people. I was ready to go H.A.M on that fish if it came near to me, but luckily, the fish only went for the male divers. Because of the attack of the trigger fish, we went up way too quick and the rest of the day, my ear was kinda hurting.
Our initial plan was to go to Gili Air. But the day before we wanted to leave, we got the news that there are no boats going. Therefore we came with a plan B... to Seminyak. This is the area where I spend most of my time outside of school and the hotel. And I would like to show my mother where I spend all my time. We spend three days at Alila and spend some time shopping in the morning and in the afternoon. During these days we met up with an old friend of my mother and we also went out for diner with Iwan and Shirley. These lovely people picked me up from the airport when I came back from Holland and they also picked up my mother and brought us to Nusa Dua. To show her our appreciation we took them out for diner. We went to a delicious Indonesian restaurant. For anyone who is going to Bali and wants to eat nice Indonesian food... go to Pondok Tempo Doeloe on Sunset Road in Kuta. Very very recommendable. The next day Shirley made some traditional Indonesian food herself. After all this time to go out for diner to have food, it was so nice to sit in a living room and have food from the dining table.

For our last day at Bali I booked a luxurious 5 star resort in Jimbaran. Luckily this time we had great weather and could enjoy all these luxurious things to the full max! I was I discovered Jimbaran Bay way earlier. On sunday night we left the hotel and Bali. Finally my trip to Sydney was going to start. I spend full three months on Bali and I have to say I am happy to leave again. I had the best time, but I think Bali is not doing good at the moment with all the busy traffic jams including the scooters. Of course there are some nice places and beaches and the people were absolutely sweet. However, I am looking forward to walk in a structured infrastructure and walk on the streets without constantly looking if I still have all my things because I may get robbed.

On to my trip to Sydney. On sunday night 22:30 our plane took off. I barely slept. Bali and Sydney has a time difference of 3 hours. After 6 hours of flying we arrived 07:30 in the morning. After arriving we went for a cup of coffee and see where we could get the taxi's. It was a little bit colder in Sydney and after 5 months living in a humid climate, the temperature difference is noticed immediately. But jeeeez, what an absolute wonderful city. I still cannot believe I am in Sydney all the way in Australia! This was my thought the whole day when we were walking around. I will add some pictures of the first day in Sydney and the last days in Bali.

Now it feels for me that my Grand Tour experience is really over. It felt already weird to be on Bali alone, without all the other students. But now that I actually left, it feels more definite. 11 more days and I will be back in Holland after 6 months. I would not want to miss this whole experience for the world and all the crazy, beautiful and absurd things I have seen and experienced. A big thanks to the whole crazy bunch who made this Grand Tour and a thanks for the people that visited me!

One more blog at the end of my trip!

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Grand tour coming to an end!

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Selamat Siang!

This is one of the very last times I will be writing my blog on Bali. Grand Tour is coming to an end and everyone is leaving Bali this. All assignments are handed in, all presentations are done and the tests. For our final presentation I received an 7.1. Overall I am very happy with my results from the two Grand Tour minors. Between all the partying and such, I still manage to pull of to get some good grades.

Ok... starting where I left you off. I was waiting on my air plane towards Holland because my grandma passed away. I am not going to write how my time was in Holland because that is not part of my Asia experience. Only few things I am gonna say is that is was cold and sad. Happy to be with my family and friends, but it made me realize I am not ready to go back to The Netherlands at all and I think I never will. On thursday night 12th of January I arrived back on Bali. I was picked up by a lovely family from a friend of mine in Holland. Not knowing in what time zone I was living and travelling for 16 hours, I was completely KO. The next day I had my last day of school and after that it was time to catch up with my friends. That one week in Holland felt like forever!! At night we went out to ofcourse La Favela. The day after we went out to La Favela again. I do not know what it is about this place, but I just really like it. They play all sort of music, the people that come there are such a mixed crowd. On sunday we had another birthday and we spent the whole day at the beach club and in the evening went out for diner with a group. This time I decided not to go out because yeah... La Favela is not the cheapest place. On monday I decided to pamper myself a little bit and went to get a pedicure and a massage. That night we went to a crazy mexican restaurant called Motel Mexicola. This feels like a big mexican canteen with very loud music and the waiters were pulling everyone out their chairs to dance. Ofcourse I got pulled out as well and danced a little bit. After this we decided to go for some more drinks and a little dance in La Favela, but this time we made sure we went back home on time. The next we went to the beach to go for a long walk on the beach. Unfortunately the tide was very high so we couldn't pass a certain area and be accident we discovered a very nice beach bar with bean bags in front. There are a lot of places in Bali on the beach with bean bags but the music was so nice and the whole atmosphere. So we stayed there to watch a beautiful sunset which you can see on the pictures that I uploaded this week. I already went to this place 4 times now this week, because it is so chilled and relaxed and not expensive at all! On wednesday I did not do a lot, went for a coffee and lunch to Seminyak and in the evening just chilling at the hotel with the other students. On thursday we had our last fieldtrip of the module. This fieldtrip consists of going to the Mandara spa in Nusa Dua for a treatment. Not bad right....? After this it was finally weekend, because we had such a hard week at school not! The only last things for school that we had to do was finish our presentation for our business plan and prepare for the test on monday. So for the weekend we prepared for school and relaxed a little bit more.

Everyone is leaving within now and following three days. These five months went by so quick it is crazy. Luckily for me, I am staying abroad for one more month. My mother is coming on the 30th of January. The 12th of February we are flying to Sydney and after a week of Sydney we are flying to Singapore. I am so excited for this, going to 2 new countries which I always wanted to see. So still some more blogs to come with some new stories!

Selamat Tinggal!

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Christmas and New Years Eve

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Selamat Tahun Baru!

In English translation a very happy new year to all of you! 3 weeks have passed since the last time I wrote and a lot of good things happened!
I left you guys in the beginning of December and now we are already in January and I am over the half of my journey in South East Asia! At this very moment of writing this blog, I am waiting to go to the airport to fly back to Holland. The details of why I am flying back earlier than planned, I will tell you guys later, but first the good stuff!

The third weekend of December, all Stenden students were invited to the first party of Waterbom! Waterbom is a water park on Bali and this seems to be one of the best water parks in the world. We had free access to all the slides for one hour and a half. This is not enough at all, but hey, it was free access and we still had a lot of fun! After this the party started. It was not really a party but more chill down with some music. However, we did had some fun. On Sunday I had the ultimate relax day. My room mate went to Lovina for the weekend and I stayed at home.

The following week we did some more school work because we wanted to have the most things finished already. On Friday everyone left the accommodation to start their vacation. I booked the Holiday Inn Resort in Kuta during the Christmas Holidays. On Friday evening almost everyone from Stenden came to La Favela, a bar/club in Seminyak which is one of my favourite! We had a good night out and lots of fun! The day after we slept in and spend an easy and relax day. On Christmas day we rented a scooter and went touring through Uluwatu. I have to say that this is one of my favourite places to go on Bali. It is known for a popular surf destination. The traffic is not that busy and the beaches and nature are absolutely beautiful! The next day were went to Ubud. I have not been to this place. It is a little bit in the middle of Bali, in between waterfalls and rice fields. After some relaxing we went for some food. The next day we rented a scooter again and went on a tour again. It was a sunny day and everything was green around us. We went to the waterfalls and drove around the area. That evening we went out for diner in a luxurious resort and this was the first time since I have been in Asia, that I have been out for diner like this. The service, the location, the food. It was perfect! The next day we relaxed a bit and we went to another accommodation in Ubud, a little bit more closer to the centre. At night we had some lovely food at a warung. I really do love fancy dining, but the food in these warungs are so extremely good. After diner we met up with other students from Grand Tour and my old neighbour in Thailand! We went for some drinks and playing pool. Then we came up with the crazy idea to climb the vulcano that very night.
At 12 we said to each other, we see each other in two hours. At 2 o'clock at night we met up at the hostel to have breakfast and to be picked up to drive to the vulcano. The vulcano that we were gonna climb is called Mt. Batur. This is an active vulcano of 1700 m above sea level. With a group of 8 people we climbed up the vulcano. It was heavy, but I expected to be a bit heavier since I have not been working out in like 6 months or so. It was pretty damn cold, however climbing up it became very hot. By the time we got on top, the wind almost blew me from the vulcano. I have to say, I am not the most active hiker. I mean I did the jungle in Thailand, but that will be the very last time. However, this vulcano I would not want to miss this for the world. The sunrise was absolutely amazing! We made lots of pictures and just enjoy the view! The way down is a bit harder than going up. After a good 2 hours we got back in the car and everyone was completely KO. When we got back at the accommodation we took a shower and went to bad immediately. I was soooo happy to see my bed again! At night we met up again with the whole group for some drinks. The next we were gonna be picked up to go to the next destination. Gili Trawangan. I heard a lot of stories of how beautiful it can be and the white sandy beaches. We booked an airbnb for new years eve. On this Island you have the feeling you are going back in time. There are no cars or scooters. Only horse carts. I did not use this, because I really felt bad for the horses... and I don't like horses. Luckily nothing is really far on this Island. For NYE another group of students were here as well so we met up for diner and afterwards I joined in my first beerpong game ever! Buttttt I did not drink the beer, because I do not like beer. The next day we spent some time walking around on the Island and on the beach and at night we went for diner with 12 people and wait till 12 o'clock. It was really nice to spend NYE on a tropical Island again. Fireworks went off and we went off bar hopping. Unfortunately this evening did not end so well for me because I got the phone call that my dear grandmother passed away. The party was immediately over and I went back home to call with Holland. I knew this could happen and it went already really bad with my grandmother, so I am actually really relieved that she is not in pain any more and she can rest in peace. The next day was a bit surreal. Someone very close to me passed away and I was laying on a white sandy beach with a cocktail in my hand. However, I am raised with the idea the you have to celebrate life no matter what. I did my best with updating her with my stories and experiences and till the very last moment she enjoyed every minute of our skype sessions and pictures I sent to her. I am very happy with the people that I had around me and I really would not know what I would have done without them.

On the second of January we had the boat back to Bali. However, we are still in Asia and the things also go the Asian way. Our trip back was with the boat to Lombok, for two hours in the bus to the ferry and then the ferry from Lombok to Bali for 5 hours! From the harbour in Bali, still and hour and a half before we got in the accommodation! We were absolutely dead when we arrived and went straight to bed. The next day we had a full relax day, went for some brunch and back to the room to chill. At night we went for diner and some lovely wines. Today I had to go to school to arrange my documents for my visa and had to unpack and pack my suitcase. For now I have to mentally prepare myself for 6 days and the cold in Holland. I am very happy to see my family again since it has been such a long time ago. I would love to see them in another circumstances but I guess this is life and life does not always comes how you want it.

Selamat Tinggal

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The Bali life!

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Selamat Siang!

Once again an update from my life here on Bali! We are already in week 5. I thought the time went fast in Thailand, but here it is even more crazier how fast it is going! We haven't been travelling that much as we did in Thailand, but the time went twice as fast.

Last time I told you all about our module dinner and that we had our first surf lesson.
The module diner was very nice with the whole group. We went out for diner in a restaurant called La Hacienda. As you can already read, this is an Mexican restaurant. As soon as I stepped in I heard the salsa music and I was very happy. They also have nights where they have a live salsa band. So this is definitely a place where I need to go! After the diner we went out with a group of girls to a place called La Favela in Seminyak. I really liked this place and it felt really like we stepped into a favela. After some drinks and a little bit of dancing we went back home because the next day we had our first surf lesson. I was really looking forward to this. Bali is really an surf island. My expectations of me on a surf board was not that high, but..... I did way better than I thought! The first 5 attempts, I did not even fall into the water, but after that, you start to think more about the movements you have to do, so yess... I also made some charming falls in the water! Rest of the weekend I spent most of the time working on school.

The next day we had our first traditional Balinese massage. This was a full day of only massage class. It was really fun and I liked it waaaay more than the Thai massage. On Monday it was 'Sinterklaas' and since we are here with a lot of Dutch students, we of course celebrated that. Every had to pick a name and buy a small present for that person. The hotel arranged a buffet diner for us and after diner it was present time! We decided to make a little game of it, so the person had to describe the person they bought the present for and the other people had to guess who that was. I got 2 dream catchers, a big one and a small one. Good things, because the one on my room in Holland was very dusty, so I was very happy with my present! After this we all made a pool party of it because everyone jumped into the pool.

The most expensive month started, Christmas vacation is still coming and I am also making a trip to Sydney when my minor is finished here, so I try to watch my money as much as possible. So till the weekend I did not do a lot except for working on school. For the weekend we had a trip planned to Nusa Lembongan with a majority of the Grand Tour group. Nusa Lembongan is a small island on the east coast of Bali, only 30 minutes with the boat. Saturday morning we were picked up by mini vans to bring us to the boat and on the Island we were also picked up by jeeps to bring us to the accommodation. We really had a cute homestay. It was even better than the hotel we are in right now and it was on the beach. In the afternoon we decided to go on a boat trip and go snorkelling on 3 different points. It was great being on a boat again and being in the water. I felt completely at home again. Although Bali is an Island, it is so extremely busy, you do not even have the feeling you are on an Island. In the evening we rented 7 scooters for 14 girls and went to tour a little bit on the hunt for some food. We ended up in an restaurant looking upon a bay which was called Mushroom Beach. After some drinks back in the homestay we went to bed. The next day again we toured around the Island with the scooters and ended up at Dream beach. This was indeed a dream beach. There was a resort with an infinity pool looking upon the beach and ocean. For around €3 we rented some beds and enjoy the view. After this we toured some more and went to the other small Island. There used to be a bridge where you can go with the scooters, but this bridge collapsed, so now it is only possible to cross by boat. This boat ride is 30 seconds. The road on this small Island is a little bit more rocky and rougher. Some girls wanted to jump of a cliff. I stayed with my both feet on the ground and did not jump because I am way too pussy for this. After this we went back home, everyone was a bit sun burned and we were longing for a cold shower and air conditioning. I decided to become Rudolph the Red nose reindeer, because booooyyy my nose was redddd. My forehead as well, together with the rest of my body I guess. But hey, after red comes brown! So now the day after, I am tanned. In the evening we went out for diner and drinks with the group. The next day we arranged an earlier pick up, because there was still a lot of students who had to do some schoolwork.

We still have two weeks to go before the vacation. This weekend we have a long weekend but not really plans yet, because we want to have a lot of schoolwork done before the Christmas break. We are even more luckier, because the first day after the vacation is on a Thursday, so we almost have three weeks of vacation! My plans are too climb the vulcano, go to Ubud and the Gili Islands. furthermore, I do not want to plan too much and just see where I end up.

This time not such a long story, but that is probably because it will be next year till I write my new blog with lots of new things and pictures!

Selamat Tinggal!

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Adjusting on Bali

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Selamat Siang!

It has been a good two weeks since I wrote something for you guys. The time is flying by and this is already week 3 on Bali. I have to say, I am becoming quite adjusted to the Balinese life. Getting taxi's is not a problem at all and actually I did not had a culture shock like I had in Bangkok. I start to miss Bangkok way less as I used to do. I do wish that the group that we had in Thailand, would be the same for the whole 5 months! The nightlife here is something different, because it is so touristic. At school with the introduction, it was told to us that we have to take more care of our things since the criminality is more common here. Although I am always careful where I go, even in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, I make sure I never walk with my phone in my hand at busy places. Adjusting to the food is not a problem at all. I love all the food in the little warungs. Luckily for me there are a few located around the hotel so I don't have to go to town too much to get some proper food.

On thursday we had to do a mystery visit to a Spa. We chose for the Visala spa in the Magani hotel in Kuta. Also very nice ofcourse that this is our homework for school. For the weekend we had a party/chill weekend planned. On friday night we went with the whole group to a poolparty in Kuta at some famous surf school. We had such an awesome night, school made sure we would be on the guest list. After the whole group arrived, we made sure the whole Stenden group would be in the pool the first! The day after I booked the Holiday Inn Resort for Merle and me in Nusa Dua. This is an area on the east side of the Island. The place is not so hectic as Kuta. We got a free upgrade to an executive room with private entrance to the pool. Boy... did I thought we were lucky, untill I noticed that almost every Chinese person went to the Aquarobics at SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!!! However, the room was perfect and the private beach was very relaxed and calm. We went for some diner in the evening and we could cross the street without having to fear for our lives. At night we found out in the room that we had something like 5 HBO channels. So we spent watching movies the whole night, while making some homework for school. Yesss.... I was making homework on saturday night while relaxing in a 4 star resort. Aren't you guys not proud of me! I know I surely am haha! The day after we spent a full day at the beach, which was noticeable because of my red burned skin at the end of the day. Ouch... On Sunday we went to Sky garden again. Every sunday there is ladies night, which means free entrance for girls and free drinking from 9 till 11. Monday was the day to sleep in and relax a little and finish our schoolwork. This week we had to give a presentation about our mystery visit, and the tutor explained more about our module assignment and what we are gonna do this module. In a nutshell, we have to come up with our own spa concept, I am doing this together with 3 other girls. We were also in Thailand with the same module, so hopefully we have some advantage with our gained knowledge. Further along the week we had our first practical lessons which was the Balinese foot massage. In Bali they use more essentials oils for the traditional Balinese massage than the traditional Thai massage. I personally like this more, because all these oils are good for something.

For the weekend we planned a trip to Uluwatu. Uluwatu is like surfers paradise, and according to the local people, Uluwata is how Bali was 30 years ago. We booked a vila with 8 girls for 3 nights. We absolutely had a good time. On Friday night, when we did not had any scooters yet, we decided to walk towards a restaurant for like 7 minutes. Mind you, it was absolutely completely dark outside. No lights whatsoever. I am telling you, I was so scared and still do not understand why we did this! No scary movie for me that night! The next day rented 4 scooters andwe cruised around and went to the beach. For the people who know me, knows how much I love to play in the waves in the water. Well, my first waves that day, took me along and made sure I made some head rolls. Good god almighty these waves are something else. However, the strong girl I am, would still continue and hit the waves. I loved it! That night we went into town and ate at a nice Italian restaurant. I am not the type of person that miss a lot of things in Europe, especially not the food, I mean I adore the Indonesian cuisine. However, I could not resist the meat on the menu and I think this was the first time I had some proper meat while my time being in Asia. The next day we went to a Temple, some sort of cave beach and the same beach as the day before. I think I drowned almost 4 times in the waves. These are not the same waves as the waves in Lacanau Ocean in France.

On Monday it was time to return again to the hotel and our school life. This week we had to give our pitch to the tutor about our spa concept. My personal feedback was, was that I was very confident... I guess I worked myself through the pitch, because I was bluffing for the most of it! Just like my team members;). For this weekend we do not have that much planned since we only have 2 days off. So probably I am gonna take my first surf lessons aka see how much salt water can fit in my mouth. Tonight we are having our module dinner in a restaurant in Seminyak, so this means dress up time!

I hope I've kept you all up to date now with my Bali adventures.

Selamat Tinggal!

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From Bangkok to Bali

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Selamat Siang!

At this point I am writing this blog from Bali. Last time from my blog I was telling you we were in our last week in Thailand and it flew by!! We had our final presentation which we passed with a 6.8! We are still waiting for the other results from the assignments. For our last week in Thailand we went to the city several times and from wednesday every night we had sort of goodbye parties, because the first ones were already to leave on Thursday.
On friday we had to leave our apartment in Summer Garden to stay in the Best Western hotel around the corner. I did not really like this transition. I guess the older I get, I much more dislike saying goodbye and changing my environment. However, we still had the last goodbye party to go. It was quite weird that we are not gonna see some people any more for a long period of time. Luckily we all consider this as an unique experience and call ourselves fortunate to experience this together as well! Especially now sitting here in Bali, it really hits me that I actually miss my life I had in Bangkok and the freedom of the location and apartment. Now back to Bali!

We arrived at 5 o'clock in the afternoon after a 4 hour flight. Immediately after arriving it was so nice to be in a whole other atmosphere. Of course because of the death of the king that Thailand was in a mourning period. Now I saw people wearing colour again, I heard music again. On the way from the airport to our hotel, the buildings are not that massive and it was a whole lot more green. However, when we arrived at the hotel, we really came to the conclusion that the accommodation we had in BKK was so good. For the time being in Bali our accommodation is a hotel just outside of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. As a little kid I would always want to live in a hotel, but after working in a hotel for a few years I know now that living in a hotel is not that perfect at all. To not downplay the whole situation, we have a good accommodation, a swimming pool, we have way less rules than in Bangkok. I think after a few weeks we will completely used to this situation. On our first day on sunday we had a short briefing at the hotel and they provided us with sim cards. After this I went to the beach in Canggu. The traffic is just as asian as in Bangkok. No rules, only in Bali you have waaaaaaaaay more scooters. Like they dominate all the traffic over here. After the beach we went home, to go out afterwards at the famous sky garden since it was ladies night. We had a good night out with the whole group.

On monday we had our first introduction day at school, a traditional welcome with a Balinese dance and introduction the Indonesian and Balinese culture. Also a diving school, surfing school and staff from the water park were there to provide us with more information and discount. We got to know our new group and had a good lunch. Near our hotel we have some cute little warungs to eat. Warung is a small food house with lovely Indonesian food for like a euro per meal. Tuesday we had our first field trip planned to a resort, but compared to Thailand this was a very short one. After the fieldtrip we went to the beach again, this time in Seminyak. Unfortunately for us the weather was not that good any more. In the evening we all went for diner and afterwards some drinks at a little tavern next the hotel. The Balinese version of Club 21 in Bangkok. Today(wednesday) we had our first actual school day. Every day we will be picked up from the hotel and go to school in a mini van. After school I went to Kuta to explore a bit more and do some shopping.

My first impression of Bali is that it is very busy, especially in Kuta, so this will not be a place I will visit that much. However I have not seen that much of the Island yet, but I am sure this will be changed within a few weeks. The people here are very nice and they speak more English than they do in Thailand, which is very convenient for us students. Also we are going to have a lot of beach days as well. Still we need some adjusting to do, because I keep comparing every thing to Bangkok. This is it for now, I do not have any pictures to add, because I do not take that much pictures any more after three weeks here in Asia, but I will try to give you a better impression next time.

Greetings from Bali!

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Last week in Thailand

sunny 32 °C

Sawasdee Ka!

I am currently writing this with exactly one more week to go in Thailand. Time flew by soooooo fast! Were finishing the last assignments and reaching our deadlines. Indonesian visa is also in the pocket! All set to go to Bali next week! But for now, I will tell you what I have been doing the last two weeks.

The weekend after the vacation, we stayed home and decide to work on some school things. The first and most important reason I am here is because of school, so I can not lack in that, even though I really want to throw one of my fingers in the air to it. After a week of only devoting to school, it was time for some fun. On friday we went again to the local football club near our accommodation. Again I was the cheerleader because I can not play football at all. Luckily for me there was something that looked like a punching bag and I could lose some of my aggression by kicking in the punching bag. After this we went for a drink at club 21 with a small group. The next day, Tobi, Thomas, Merle and me went to Kanchanaburi. This is a province in Bangkok and the town is also called Kanchanaburi. This place is very famous because during the world war two a lot of young men were deported to this town, to work on the railway towards Birma(Myanmar). Because I have a interest with everything that has to do with the second world war, I really wanted to go here. So early in the morning we got a taxi towards a train station to get the train. This train station was located next to a big market, which was the most dirtiest markets I have ever saw. Jeeeeeesus take the wheel, that place smelled so bad. We all slept the whole uncomfortable train ride of four hours. When we arrived in the hostel we also took a nap(I think I forget the part that we all made it pretty late the night before;)). The hostel was really really nice and I think of all the hostels, one of the nicest I have been to. Also another very pleasant thing when we leave Bangkok. The complete silence and serenity. No smelly city, just a very calm environment. We went to take a taxi scooter or whatever that vehicle was, to the JEATH museum. JEATH stands for every country that was involved in building the railway: Japan, England, Australia, Thailand and Holland. It was quite impressive and we all got a bit quiet from it. After that we took a little stroll around town and went back to the hostel to get ready for diner. And a diner it was!! Wow, I think this was the best I ever had in Thailand so far. We thought we would walk towards a street food market. But it appears to be a big all you can eat bbq buffet for only 260 baht. This is €6,70 for meat and seafood as many as you like! I think we sat for like 3 hours just enjoying. The whole place was packed with Thai people, so than you know it was very good.
The day after we wanted to go to the Erawan waterfalls but unfortunately the rain was so heavy during the night that there was flood. The waterfalls are divided in 7 stages and we could only go to stage 4 because otherwise it would be too dangerous because of slippery tracks. This was a little bit disappointing because I really wanted to see it. We arranged a taxi that drove us around the whole day and the view was simply breath taking. We asked the hostel to call a mini van for us to bring us back to Bangkok. This mini van ride was terrible. I swear here in Thailand there are no rules what so ever, and this guy could not drive at all.

Furthermore during the school week, we got our last yoga class. And on Wednesday we had our final cooking exam. We could come up with two own recipes within the spa and health cuisine. We choose for a traditional Thai fruit salad and roasted chicken with lemon grass. After the cooking exam we had a farewell diner on a river cruise. Because we are the first student attending at the Panyapiwat Institute of Management, this as a small gesture towards the students. It was absolutely great. The cruise was very beautiful and the food was very good. Everyone was dressed up and looked very pretty. Afterwards we decided to go into town with a big group to get drinks and dance. This was really a very fun night.
Next day we had to finish our report and in the evening I went to the city, to get out of Summer Garden and treat myself some new sandals, because all the other one broke and are in the trash right now. Friday I spent the whole day in the city with a friend of mine, did my lashes and some shopping. In the evening we also went out in the city. This weekend is going to be spend on school and finish all assignments.

Next week we only have one presentation about how we perceived this module and all the things we learnt. Furthermore, we need to start packing and cleaning the apartment. And the thing I hate the most, saying goodbye to people. But we are up for one whole other experience and adventure. Next time I will be writing from Bali!

Greetings from a warm and sunny Bangkok!

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Vacation time!!

sunny 32 °C

Hello everyone!

It has been quite some time now but that was because we went on a vacation for around 9 days. I did not bring my laptop with me so I could not write anything down. After being in Thailand for longer than a month, we were really happy with going a holiday!

We left on Saturday the 7th of October, as I already mentioned in my previous blog, to Surat Thani, to get to the national park Khao Sok. The majority of the group already left on Friday right after school. This was not really wise for us, because we still had 3 hours travelling from the airport to the park. So therefore, we decided to go on Saturday morning. After a early flight in the morning, we arrived in Surat Thani and from there we took a bus and mini van towards the park. We booked a very nice accommodation at a very nice Thai family. The man was a guide himself as well and now decided to start for his own. We were really happy to be in a very quiet environment instead of crazy Bangkok. Of course we were a little bit scared because there was almost no light and you could all kinds of animals around our little bungalow.

The day after we were picked up to go the lake and start our jungle tour. Nice thing about this was that we would get to meet new people. Merle and I decided to go with the two of us on vacation instead of going with the big group. On our tour there was a South African couple, a Dutch couple, a German couple, two Belgian friends and an American mother and daughter. Pretty international again, I like it. We started with a lake tour ending up to going to our cottages on the lake where we could have a refreshing swim. After that we went for an hike through the jungle, going into the water and climbing towards waterfalls. I felt like a real rambo. After this we went back to our cottages to have diner and hang out a bit. Due to the rain, the guide proposed that we went for another lake tour, because at night we would see so much. After that we had a lovely Thai diner, and we stayed for some drinks and exchange all our stories with each other. For Merle and me it is always a bit different, because we are no backpackers travelling around but just simple students and everyone that we meet is jealous of us of the great opportunity that we have!

We called it a night, and I have to say, it was quite an experience sleeping on the lake, it was so peaceful and beautiful. Although I was very scared of course, because we heard so many animal around us. The next morning we heard that our neighbours, had a snake the whole night in their cottage. I immediately went the other direction, I am not the curious type for snakes so I went gone as fast as possible. I always thought it was just a little water snake or something. Later I saw the picture, and this was a big huge ass snake!!! Like a boa constrictor or something. I am so happy the snake did not pick our cottage, because I would not know what I would have done. After breakfast, it was time to pack our stuff and go on another lake tour. We spotted some monkeys in the tree, but due to the rain season, there was not that much to see and it was still raining. After the tour we went on another hike which was really awesome. Again I felt like a true rambo. We went up for like 2 km to go into a cave after that. Of course I was scared again, because on the internet I heard a lot of stories about snakes and spiders in the caves. Within 5 minutes I saw a snake and two spiders which were bigger than my two hands together. I swear I was ready to cry and go back home! Luckily due to the rest of the group I grew myself a pair of balls and continued further. After all I have to say that this jungle tour was really awesome to do. Another experience I will not forget, BUT....never again. I prefer my nice bed, airco and a proper shower.

After the tour we went back to the Blue Mountain accommodation, where the owner arranged a mini van for us to Krabi. Our next destination. We planned that we want one complete beach day in between all that travelling, otherwise you are more travelling than actually staying at one place and enjoying. We arrived in Ao Nang around 8 ish. Finally a very nice shower and a good hotel, we went out for some food and walked around a bit. The day after we went with the little long tail boat to Railay Beach. Here we did completely nothing, but walk from our beach towel to the ocean and back. Lovely!!! The day after we continued our journey to Koh Phi Phi where the other Grand Tour students were as well. After a trip of 3 hours in total we arrived on the Island. The vibe immediately was so good and so relaxed. We quickly went to our hotel and met up with the other students. That night we went out on the beach with all of us. It was so nice being on an Island again and partying on the beach on our bare foots and of course with our favourite buckets.

The next day we went on a boat trip to Maya Bay. The famous beach of the movie 'The Beach' with Leonardo Dicaprio. This beach is known for the many many tourist who try to get the perfect pictures. Luckily for us it was low season and we went at the end of the day. Therefore, when we left, we were the only ones still on the beach. Even though three years exactly I was here on the Island as well, the view is still breath taking. After this we went for night snorkelling with the lightening plankton. This was very cool to do, even though I am always scared to swim in the dark. When we returned to the Island we received the news that the Thai King has passed away. This is an enormous loss for the Thai people. The King was their hero, father. He was like a God to them. Immediately we noticed that the Island was very quiet and that a lot would change for our time being here in Thailand. There is a mourning of 30 days. This means there will be no entertainment, no music and clubs will close earlier. Also does it mean that we have to wear black or white clothing to pay respect to the Thai culture and people. That night there was no music and a lot of shops were closed, excluding the massage salons and tattoo shops.

Due the quiet atmosphere, this also contributed in the relaxed stay that we got on Koh Phi Phi. It is known for being a party Island, and now there were no parties at all. The next couple of days, some people left from the group. We did another boat trip, stayed at the beach the whole day and at night we went to the Banana bar, to watch movies and relax with very soft music. On monday it was time again to head back to Bangkok. I left that morning with a heavy feeling because I had such an amazing time over there. The only outfit that you wear was a bikini and you had no daily planning at all. 100% Island life = happy Britt.

On tuesday we had school again and luckily for us we started with yoga class. Further in the week we also had a birthday and we celebrated this with the whole group having a barbecue. Everyone brought their own food and drinks and we really had a lovely time. For this weekend there is nothing really planned besides catching up with school work.

We only have like three weekends to go here in Bangkok and it is crazy how fast the time is going! Next week we are going to arrange our Visa for Indonesia and getting ready for a whole other adventure! I also booked my ticket to Sydney at the end of my trip in February. This is absolutely a dream coming true. I would have never in my life expect that I would ever go to Sydney and now it is actually happening. Together with my lovely mother who is coming at the end of January.

For now this is it. Keep you posted next week!

Greetings from sunny and warm Bangkok!

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A month in Bangkok

sunny 32 °C

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I posted my last blog. The last two weeks there was nothing really exciting going on. Normal life kicked in and the homework as well.

Last time I just came back from the Full moon party in Koh Phangan. For that week we had two field trips planned. The first one was on a Wednesday to the Or Tor Market. This was a very nice food market. We got some explanations about particular herbs and spices and other things about from our teacher. Later on we were free to walk around, try some things and also buy some things. The following Friday we had another field trip planned to the world spa convention day. This was pretty interesting. I bought some nail product(surprise!)It is crazy to see how asian people are so obsessed with skin product and also put a lot of whitening in their products. For us, who are trying hard to keep our tan very tanned, it seems crazy.

For the weekend we booked another hotel in the city. I am always so very happy to jump a nice, soft comfy bed, because these beds in the complex are like rocks. This time we only booked the hotel for one night instead of two nights. I need to watch my money as well a little bit since the vacation is coming up. We spent a day in the city, and afterwards we went out with 6 girls for sushi and a night out in the town. Next day Merle and I planned to go the Chatuchak weekend market. This market is one of the popular markets in Bangkok. I think it is just as big or even bigger than the Bazar back in Beverwijk near my home town. It was a very warm day and we were walking with our backpacks, so after 1,5 hour we decided to go back to the complex and get ready for the school week coming up.

Monday we had our last massage workshop, so I should be an expert right now in giving traditional thai massages. I also btw had my first traditional thai massage in a wellness centre near the complex. For two hours being tortured, but in the end very good for my body. On tuesday we had a grand opening day from Stenden Thailand. This school year, the thai University we are going to, Panyapiwat Institute of Management, started a collaboration with Stenden University. Therefore, there was a whole programme organized. All the important people from Leeuwarden came to Bangkok to celebrate this day. There was a lunch included and at the end of the day, there was a possibility for a small (non alcoholic unfortunately) drink and some networking.

On Friday again we had another field trip to the CentaraGrand. This is an hotel in the centre of Bangkok. We were very warm welcomed by the Spa Director which was a very nice Australian lady. We got a tour through the spa department, the sky bar. Again, the lunch was included, and luckily for us this lunch was the hotel buffet. Now for us poor student, this was a festive meal and I walked to the buffet for like 5 times (no shame in my game). I think this was one of the nicest field trip we had so far. The spa director gave us a lot of information which we could really use for our module assignment and maybe even for the students who would like to pursue a career in the spa industry.

The weekend already started, nothing much planned actually. On saturday, an old friend of mine started her journey of 5 months through Asia, so Merle and I meet up with her, and show her around a bit in Bangkok. We had a really nice day, visiting the Asiathique market. For the first time I felt like I was not in Bangkok, but just in a normal european city, walking across the river. After that we showed my friend one of the many rooftop bars Bangkok has. After the drinks we went to Khao San Road to get some buckets and have a good time.

Next week it is time for our vacation. Merle and I booked a flight to the south of Thailand. Planning to stay in the Khao Sok National park for 2 days and one night. Yes that means that I have to stay in the jungle for night, and I am already shitting my pants. After that we do not really have a set planning, but we are definitely planning to go to some islands... FINALLY!

This was it for now. It is crazy to think we already been here for a month! Time is going faster than ever!!

Greetings from Sunny Bangkok!

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Full moon partyyy

rain 27 °C

Hello everyone!

Time for another blog from rainy Bangkok! It rains here every god damn day. I can put my alarm on it that from 4 or 5 ish it gonna start raining till like 8 or 9 ish. One good thing is that luckily it is not cold.

Oke back to the beginning of the week. On monday we had our first massage class what I told you all about. On tuesday the South African guys arranged a dj gig at a small bar close to our complex. So with almost the whole grand tour group we went to support and party with the local thai people. Again a night with lots of laugther, dancing, drinking and having fun! Luckily for the spa and health group, our class next day was at 13:00 and it was the healthy cooking which was soooo much fun and so interesting to do. We made two soups. The spicy prawn soup and a coconut soup with mushrooms. Very delicioso! Again, it is so nice, that we do not only follow lectures and making assignment, but actually doing really fun stuff. I can not wait till we get our yoga and meditation classes.

On thursday our trip began to the famous full moon party. The full moon party is one of the most popular beach parties around in the world. Almost everyone that travelled to Thailand, attended this party. Therefore, I already thought, this could also be the most overrated party ever. And I was right....... Nevertheless, the travel was some what long, 18 hours to be exact. Like real poor student, for 800 Baht(€20,50), we had to travel with bus from BKK to some place, to get on a boat for like 5 hours, to arrive at the Island Koh Phangan. Although the bus was pretty comfortable, it smelled like we were on a driving toilet. Nasty..... The boat was also pretty comfortable, but this aircondition... I saw polar bears walking around, that is how cold it was. Thank god I had my big Bonaire(shout out to the most precious piece of paradise on earth) sweater with my yoga pants and socks. I swear, this was not normal. Merle was walking around with a blue nose because of the cold. Finally we arrived and took a pick up taxi to the hostel at Haad Rin. This is also the location of the full moon party. The taxi drive was rather interesting because I had the feeling I was sitting in a rollercoaster. The hostel was .... average. Never doing this again, but hey that is what I was expecting. Quickly went for a shower and up to do some shopping in the cute shops and off to the beach. FINALLY I AM GOING TO A BEACH ON AN ISLAND. For the people that know me very well, know how happy this makes me.

The atmosphere on the island was rather better than the whole full moon party itself. Everyone was excited and getting ready to be already drunk. After having another shower and diner, we went to the other hostel from the other Grand Tour student. Here we got ready with our body paint and buckets of juise(sure...;)). After this we finally went to the party. Thank god everything was walking distance. The party itself, it is nothing more than a festival in Holland where they use drugs and alcohol. Only now it was on a beach and people had body paint on. Of course it is nice to say now that I actually went to a Full Moon party at Koh Phangan. Around 3 or 4 o'clock, we thought it was oke and decided to go back to the hostel. We were with a big group of 32, but lost every one at minute 1 when we arrived at the party. There were still some people awake, some people still had to go home and some people were lost.
The day after the party, we went for breakfast and decided to go to a beach on the other side of the Island, called Haad Yao. It was so lovely to jump into the ocean after a night of partying. I also took a lovely massage of an hour.
I do have to say, I love being on an Island. But these Islands got nothing in comparison to the Caribbean! The atmosphere is way better, it is way cleaner and you can properly communicate with the locals.

We decided to go back to the hostel, went to the beach immediately for a cocktail. There was such a nice relaxing vibe on the beach. Most of the trash and drunk people were vanished. After a while, we went back to the hostel for a shower, meet up with the other people and go get food at the beach again. Everyone was present and the backpack people that decide to stay more one night at Koh Phangan, also went to the beach. So there was a better beach party going on, on Saturday, instead the Full moon party it self.
On sunday it was time to leave, this I went with a small group of girls to go back with the air plane. This would only take 8 hours instead of 18 hours. The rest of the group would arrive on monday morning very early. We had our first class again at 9:30. Luckily for us, we started with the massage classes.

For this week on the planning we have two fieldtrip. One to the Or Tor Market. This is ranked as number 4 best markets in the world for food. On friday we have a fieldtrip to the World Spa Convention. Again, very nice things to experience.

This is it so far! Hope you enjoy reading my blogs and till next time!

Greetings from rainy Bangkok!

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Blog #2

overcast 27 °C

Hello everyone!

More than a week has passed already! Eventho it feels like 3 or 4 weeks! Maybe that is because we did so much and saw so many things!

I ended my last blog on a saturday. That night we went out for diner because one of the german girls was celebrating her birthday. We went with 10 students to go have diner at a restaurant near the accomodation and afterwards we went out to the same club we went friday night. It was a little bit more fun, but not the best night of my life. I have a feeling those nights will come haha;). Sunday everyone arrived and at 2 o'clock we had a meeting and afterwards the biggest group went for a small tour through the mall. We already did that on our own, so the South African guys, Merle and me, went out for a drink. Personally I really like it that we have a big international group and also a lot of students that do another education instead of IHM.

Monday was our first school day. However this was still an introduction day. Where we got introduced to the team of Stenden Thailand. A quick introduction to our minor. The thai culture added with a thai dance (this was very fun!). We were done around 16:30 and everyone headed to our lovely pool. In the evening we tried to arrange our accomodation and transport to the full moon party that will be held the 16th of september. The plan now is that we go with about 30 persons. This will be crazy! The rest of the week we went out for drinks in the evening. We're all in the process in getting to know one another and we are having some good evenings with a lot fun! Wednesday was the only day in the week that me and my roommate decided to stay in for a night. Thursday we all went out for pizza and drinks afterwards(Shock! Suprise!).

On friday we had our first fieldtrip to Ayutthaya planned with everyone from school. This place used to be the capital city of Thailand. This city has a lot of beautiful temples and ruines from the war. We visited four places. The first place Watyaichaimongkol and Bann Hollada(Dutch Village). I swear the Dutch people were involved in everything and everywhere back in the days!

The second place where we also had lunch was Watthakarong. After lunch we went to Watchaiwattanaram visit more temples and the last place was a very beautiful place. This was the Bang pa- In Palace. It was a bit unfortunate that this was the last place and not the first, because we were all a bit tired and it was so freaking hot!

Arriving back in Summer Garden at the end of the day. Everyone again jumped into the pool. After this Merle and me were getting ready to go to the city centre of Bangkok. After all it was her birthday at 12 o'clock. For this occasion I booked hotel Indigo with the employee rate again. We arrived pretty late, however, they made us very happy with a free upgrade to an executive room with a city view. The view was absolutely amazing! They also had some happy birthday balloons and a little muffin for the birthday girl! So my mission to make it a good beginning for her birthday succeeded! Quickly we changed and went up to the rooftop bar. This view was even more amazing! I think I can never get used to the wonderful views Bangkok has to offer from the rooftop bars.

The next day we went to the mall to get our lashes done(some girly time!). After that we walked around a lot, but I think we can handle ourselves way better in the city then a week before when we arrived! At the end of the day, we went back to the hotel, to jump into the pool. This hotel has a rooftop infinity pool. Absolutely amazing once again! After this, we went to look for the South African guys, who were also in the city centre to watch the premier league match Man city against Man united in an Irish pub. Soon we went back to the hotel to get ready, because we had plans to meet up with everyone at cloud 47, a rooftop bar, to celebrate the two birthdays. At the end of the night, a big group decided to go to Khao San Road, the backpacker street. I was wearing my little golden dress and heels, which in my opinion is not the right clothes to walk around in some dirty street with only backpackers. So Merle and I went back to the hotel to get changed quickly into shorts and put my hair in a bun. Everyone that I spoke about Thailand or Bangkok, all said to me that I really really really have to go to Khao san road. But it was not that spectacular. Probably it was also because we arrived there pretty late in the night. Police came and all the music had to be shut down and it was closed.

Sunday was the day we had to go back to Summer Garden. I will miss that wonderful bed we had at Hotel Indigo. After a quick bite and a shower, we had plans again to go back into town to celebrate the birthdays even more. Mariyana, Amy, Merle and I went to the city to meet up with Amina and another friend of her from Dubai. We went to the rooftop bar Above Eleven with another amazing view. Finally after almost a week I ordered a glass of wine. Alcohol is pretty expensive here and since you all know I despise beer. I do not drink that much, but now was the perfect occasion to raise a glass of fine rose! After the drinks we continued our night in a R&B club called sugar. Eventhough the club was empty, we had so much fun. Finally I found a bunch of girls that enjoy R&B just as much as I do.

So today we had our first class of the week again. Luckily for us this was a practice class. We got the opportunity to learn the tips and trics of the traditional thai massage. This means that we also did not have to wear our uniforms to school yaaaay! I am happy that I chose a minor where we get a lot of practice classes, such as yoga, meditation and healty cooking. Tomorrow we have our first 3 hours of healty cooking. Pretty excited!

For now this is all. This weekend we are going with the big group to the world famous full moon party on Koh Phangan!

Greetings from a not so sunny, but very hot Bangkok!

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My first blog

sunny 33 °C

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog. In this blog I will be telling you all about my adventures in Asia. For the people who read this and do not know what I am doing here. Currently I am studying International Hospitality Management and I am doing my minor Spa and Health for 3 months in Bangkok, Thailand and my minor Spa Business Strategy in Denpasar, Bali.

At this point I am already for 5 days in Thailand! Together with my friend Merle from Germany, we travelled on monday from Schiphol Airport to Bangkok, with one lay over in Qatar. The flights were okay, both times we had the luck that we had one free seat in between us, so we had some more space. From Qatar to Bangkok, I slept most of the time.
We arrived at 13:00 and we took the public transport from the airport to the hotel. I booked the Holiday Inn for four days before we can move into the accomodation from school. The hotel was very good and a very refreshing pool! The journey to the hotel was already pretty challenging, because we both had a big heavy suitcase and a backpack and it was so hot!!! Luckily pretty quickly we found the hotel and jumped in the pool immediately. We did not had the urge to explore Bangkok right away, because we were pretty tired of our trip and we have 3 months here. In the evening we had dinner in the restaurant because I had discount anyway with the employee rate of my previous work. After diner we decided to walk a bit outside and actually got to meet the crazy traffic of Bangkok. It was sooo busy and no one is actually following the rules. After a while we decided to go back to the hotel and we slept for almost 12 hours I think. The next day we went for breakfast outside and decided to stay at the pool one more day and leave around 5 ish. We try to do as much as possible with public transport, since this is the cheapest way and you do not really deal with the traffic jams. We went to a big square which entails like 3 or 4 malls. Mind you, they like to put the airco the same temperature as the North pole, so after dinner and doing grocerie shopping in the supermarket, we were pretty cold!

The next day we decided to be a bit more touristic. So we came up with the plan to go on a boat and discover Bangkok from the Chao Phraya River. Again we took the public transport to Saphan Taksin. From here it was only a minute walking to the Pier. We chose to go with the express boat with a day pass. This means that we were able to get out at one of the 8 Piers and walk around a bit. We got out of the boat at some cute places. We saw the famous Temples close to the water and the Grand Palace. However we were not really dressed to the occasion ( To go into a temple, your knees and shoulders need to be covered). Well you all know me, when it is hot, I were my little shorts and a top. So we will save this for another time and we will go early in the morning. It was very nice to see all these things on the water. Around 5ish we arrived back in the hotel and rushed to take a refreshing jump in the pool!

After receiving a great tip from my friend Veronique, we went to a restaurant called Cabbages and Condoms close to our hotel. This was a very nice restaurant, and a fun fact is that almost everything is covered by condoms. As you can see on the pictures I will add. After dinner we decided to meet up with two other students from Stenden, who arrived on wednesday, to have a drink at the roof top bar Cloud 47. This is one of the few rooftop bars where you can go in your shorts and fitflops. The view was amazing!! I still cannot really believe that I am actually here in Bangkok, and even staying for a longer period. My mindset was always, I want go to the Caribbean and nothing else. Now that I become older and wiser(???) I figured out I need to explore more of the world before I set off to the Caribbean. After the drinks we went to the Patpong district(this is one of the red light districts in BKK). We had a lot of laughs and I saw the first rat. I think the whole street could hear me screaming. This was also the first night that we went with the taxi. With all the stories I read and heard, I am actually a little bit hesitant to use the taxi's. However, I was pretty persistent that I want the taxi driver to drive on the meter. So I said to him, I need to go to Sukhumvit and I want you to use the meter. He immediately said a price, which is way more! I replied with naaahh... I will go with the uber, which is cheaper. Ending my sentence, he did not think twice to press the meter button and the little trip was only 65 bath, which is about €1,60.

On friday, the two other student, Thomas from Holland and Jon from Ireland, decided to come to our hotel for one last swim in our pool, since we had a late check out till 14:00. This way we could also share the taxi and share the price. It was about 50 minutes with the car and a bit of traffic jam to our new accomodation in Pak Kret. The accomodation is brand new! And with brand new I mean that we are the first ones to ever use the room. It is a simpe apartment with a kitchen, living room, bed room and bath room. Only minor thing is that we have to buy every thing new in order to keep things clean. We accomodation also has a pretty big pool. A very big plus! We got a quick tour and we were able to go in the room. After a jump in the pool, Merle, Thomas and I went to the mall, to buy the necessary things. For example, toilet paper, trash bags and some drinks and food. After skyping with my dear grandparents and showing them my new home, Merle, Thomas, Jon and I went for some food on the streets. Ofcourse the two scaredy cats of us (Merle and Jon) saw a rat running by! After this we decided to go to the room and chill out. Around eleven there was a knock on the door and the students from Stenden South Africa arrived. 30 minutes later we all sat in the taxi on our way to some bar/club in BKK. It was a fun night, but nothing really special.

Today is a chill day at the pool and maybe some more groceries shopping at the big mall near the complex. Tomorrow the last group of students will arrive and we will be all complete. We also have a meeting at 2 o'clock with all the rules and regulations and a little tour around the neighbourhood and the school. Because ofcourse, the first and foremost reason I am here is school ;).

I will try to keep my blog as up to date as possible with all my adventures (some of them are not for the blogs;))

Greetings from Sunny Bangkok!

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